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Happy Journey


Hai Friends..

Hope you people are getting ready to pack-up for vacation. We are here to remind some important tips for you to make your journey a pleasant one.

  1. Do plan and book your tickets earlier as it makes your journey very comfortable.
  2. Very important to remind the slogan ” Less Luggage More Comfort”. If you do so u surely experience the  pleasure in journey.
  3. Do choose silk fabric if you wish to wash clothes in your vacation time as they  need little time to dry and easy to wash also.
  4. Do take Medicines as per your requirement. If not you can maintain general Medicines for  Vomtings, Motions,Head-ache,Fever,Gastric problems etc.
  5. Do maintain your Family Doctor phone number as it helps you to take their advise in case of need.
  6. Do give your plan schedule to your family members/Relatives/Neighbours to let them know about your journey by time to time.
  7. Do handle your Identity card always.
  8. Don’t trust co-passengers all the time.
  9. Don’t wear costly ornaments, don’t handle  money by cash in large amount.
  10. Do keep in touch with your friends/relatives/ other family members and inform them about your place of stay and all.
  11. Take proper water  don’t choose loose water/ opened bottle water as it is main reason to make you ill-health.
  12. Do make note of all the phone numbers of persons whom you are going to contact .
  13. Do mention each and every count of paise while you are spending in journey.
  14. Don’t choose road-side foods. If you feel hungry try to choose fruits /fruit juices etc.
  15. Try to avoid oil based/deeply fried food items.
  16. Do lock your luggage always don’t let them give others a chance.
  17. Don’t take your house keys along your travel. Do keep them with your family or relatives or friends house.
  18. Don’t do heavy purchases in Travel time.  We don’t know about the warranty of the products.
  19. Don’t move to isolated places alone Try to join in a community or group
  20. Do make each and every place of visit in your special Dairy along with your special quotes to make your trip a  memorable one.
  21. Send your Memorable trip with your  nice pics to plesantlife.com we publish them and let all others know abt it .

Wish u Happy Safe and Memorable Journey.