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Be What You Are….


Today i like to share my feelings which made me to feel so happy
Everyone will expect something from others in this society say Love, Affection, Help, Friendship etc etc but how many of us are getting what they actually required?

No one is 100% satisfied person in this world even though he is provided by all amenities the thing is “Lack of Feel” Yes my friends we have to accept ourselves and we have to be ready to accept the reality all the time then we can understand the meaning of Happiness.

If you wear pink dress then try to love it try to accept the colour don’t try to compare the yellow shirt of your colleague which makes you mentally weak. your pink has its own importance like that of Yellow. so don’t degrade always and dont compare with any one. Always try to Be What You Are.

You are unique in this world no one can replace you this is the open fact and you should accept it. so in place of comparison or suspecting nature try to accept the thing what you already chosen.

Deepika a nice employee daily used to catch bus for office. She wear Red saree that day actually her fav colour is Red and so she chosen that saree yesterday itself and like to spend her day in that saree so she wear it but thing is her colleague which she met in bus expressed with stunning look by saying ” Oh Red so glaring… colour deepika” That’s the moment deepika starts missing her Wardrobe.After reaching office she received many compliments of her Red saree. But that whole day she go on thinking about the comment of her colleague in bus.
This is not only the problem of Deepika so many girls, guys think like this only. They cant forget the comment but forget the compliment how strange human mind is???
Tell me friends?
Is it fair to give such importance to all comments?
Is it fair to give pain to our heart which loves us aloooooot????
Do u know if you accepts and thinks about negativity it immediately reflects on your face and mind too which makes you dull .

Deepika failed to enjoy her day with her fav colour.

Is it necessary to think more about other’s words?
Is it necessary to give importance to all?
Is it necessary to think about Red after coming to office? If it is really glaring Deepika cant choose it for office as she is also an employee and educated .
Is it necessary to change our mood into negative condition just because of others?
Is it necessary to waste our precious day like this?

No no Noooooooo be what you are .Forget silly comments and moveahead.No need to remember comment of bus colleague but it is necessary to make your heart stable. That’s very important okkkkkk.
follow your self
Be smile for you
Don’t take any negatives to heart (except your dear ones)
Leave them where they are
go ahead
Cheer-up and enjoy your life with your cute and lovely heart.
Enjoy your favourite colour
There is no rule that all human’s favourite colour should be same. Right???
your favourite colour is pink mine is Green others is Yellow so many are there so move on and go on.am not like Deepika who feels and thinks always negatively. I can maintain stable heart for comments and can receive compliments with smile. so you too

Have a plesantlife