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Winter Care for Ladies and Gents


Cool coolll winter is very thrilling exciting n enjoyable weather.But thing is we have to take proper care in each n every aspect . This is applicable to both Ladies n Gents. So have to take care of body by all means. We are giving some simple tips for all of u to withstand the winter .Ladies and Gents can follow these tips in this season.

1)Most important thing is Stay Hydrated. Don’t avoid water as you don’t feel thirsty but your body needs water and it does not give you any indications at all. So have to take water in time.

2) Apply homemade moisturiser to body especially on night times to get rid of oily effect.

3) Don’t go for long hot baths n frequent showers. It effects your skin negatively and makes to dry so easily even though u apply moisturiser.

4) Apply petroleum jelly on dried areas like chapped lips.. or feet in night time.

5) Don’t forget to cover your face, ears neck are while driving or moving outside. It protects coolness in those areas and does not makes u ill in this chilled season.

6) Lip balms should apply frequently don’t wet them with saliva or don’t cut cracked skin of lips with teeth they may damage your Lips sensitive texture. So keep them wet by lip balms.

7) Keep cracked heels in Luke warm water and scrub them with pumice stone and little bit of moisturiser and makes them to keep smooth n soft.

8) Take proper diet and food in time. If any serious  health problems appear don’t delay in consulting Doctor.

These tips are applicable to both Ladies and Gents .

Take care and enjoy winter 🙂