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Safe & Happy Holi :)


Holi- A Festival of colours..

Its very auspicious festival where age is not a criteria to celebrate and play with colours.

At the same time it is very important to be in safe Zone.. We have to take some precautions to celebrate HOLI in safe way.

  1. Application of Mustard oil before Holi helps to remove Colours on Holi very easily especially to hair, legs etc. As it is natural oil we can use it very happily.
  2. Try to use Natural Colours.. In Market we can choose “Natural Holi Colours “on packet. so please select that packet which is safe and healthy.
  3. Dont sparkle colours into eyes, ears, mouth etc eventhough they are natural colours.
  4. If you are playing with Dry colours then wash with water immediately. Dont allow dry colours to stay on skin more time.
  5. Do clean colour from body only through gentle rubbing dont rub hardly , dont use any other detergents to remove extra colours from face or skin which  is very harm to skin it may leads to skin infections later.
  6. If you are feeling more colour on your body even ater washing then apply Multani MAtti for atleast 1hour on skin.. This will helps you to remove extra colour so slowly dont rub or massage . just apply it.
  7. If yo are not having Multan MAtti then apply curd with lemon juice and apply that paste on skin which have coloured let it stay for 30mnts then clean it slowly it takes of the colour Dont worry
  8. If colours got strucked in nails then dont hesitate to cut the nails and use nail polish if they are still on nails. Colours may enter into ur body through food or water if they are in your nails so please do cut nails for safe
  9. LAdies please wear dark coloured clothes so that no need to feel shamed of  your dress while playing Holi. You may feel discomfort so please wear dark colour clothes.
  10. Use light colours like pink.Light green skyblue  lavendar than Dark colours like Red, Violet, Purple etc which takes more  care to wipe them.
  11. Use creams on body before and after bath of Holi It helps to wipe off the colours so easily.
  12. Try to close your mouth if anyone is sprinkling or rubbing colour so that your Teeth  wil be in safe Zone.
  13. Apply Hair oil before holi day so that colour wont stick on your hair and you can easily wash it off.
  14. Dont sprinkle colours on Kids or infants.
  15. Dont take this festival in serious way enjoy in limits and safety way.

Plesantlife.com wishes you all a very happy and safe HOLI:)