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Face packs for Instant Glow..


Instant glow:

Every Girls choice is to shine like everything that too in short time.. so we arre here to make u cheers with simple sooo easy things that can make u soooo shiny with in short time. So let’s start our selection ..

1)Lemon and honey make a good combination which helps you lighten your skin.

Mix them in equal ratios and let it dry . for 15-20mnts.

This mixture can apply to any part of ur body (say Legs,,Hands,,Face..Neck etc)

Then slowly wash it with plain water.. Thats it..

2) Blend 2 tomatoes into paste and add bit of Lemon juice and bit of gram flour.

Apply this for 20mnts on face and slowly rinse it off..

3) Fruits like papaya, Apple,Cucumber,Kiwi,Avacado etc their pulp helps u soo much to get instant glow. mix any fruits pulp with bit of cream and apply that paste to face. Allow it to dry for 20-30mnts then clean with warm water..

4) Take Ripen Banana and add bit of vegetable oil then apply on face slowly . Let it dry for 20-30mnts then wash it with plain water.

If the above materials are of any allergic mode to u then do stop that and follow others.

Make your lips to have a widen smile which gives more shine to ur face. Dont forget.. 🙂