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January Plantings…


Jan great time to start planning what vegetable varieties , flower varieties too will be grown in the garden. In a warmer environment you can plant certain vegetables but must be ready for a frost. Indoor herbs are always great to grow in a sunny windows

Lets start our plantings form Vegetables..

1)   Tomatoes and peppers

Every curry needs Tomatoes to  get  a better taste If you add pepper to some curries it gives some more better taste and pepper gives  some heatness to body which is very essential in this season. Mostly tomatoes and peppers will take 6-8 weeks to reach transplant size so plan according to your climate zone! So Goodluck

Next comes to Some flavoured vegetable sayyy ONION:

Late January is a great time to start your onion seeds indoors if you live in a warmer gardening zone (6-10) For zones 1-5 start your onion seeds in mid-late February. Let the onions grow to 5-6 inches tall and cut tops off so they will be only 3 inches. Repeating this until they are transplanted helps strengthen the roots and health of the onions.

Now its time to talk about fragranted Flowers

Annual and Perennial Flowers

Now is a great time to get your spring flowers germinating and ready for spring! There are many different varieties of annuals and perennials with different grow times. Pay attention to grow times so that your flowers are ready to be planted after last frost. Below are some good varieties to start in January for a last frost in March and April!.


Antirrhinum needs a long growth period before flowering so sow in a propagator now for good results.

• Sow Begonia,  Geranium and Dianthus indoors now as they are slow to flower from seed.

Laurentia  make fantastic container plants for the summer.

• Try  to grow your own Lobelia for bedding, containers and hanging baskets. It looks more beautiful in the middle.

Pansies can be started off indoors now, for a colourful summer display.

Sweet Peas can be started in gentle heat now.

Fruit  and vegetables:

• For the show bench, start sowing Celeriac and Celery now in a heated propagator.

Herbs are easy to grow on your windowsill and provide fresh greens all year round. • Sow exhibition onion seeds to give the bulbs time to grow as big as possible. Use varieties such as Bunton’s Showstopper and Ailsa Craig. • Order rhubarb crowns now ready for planting in the spring. Or if you’d like to grow your own rhubarb from seed, start them off now in a heated propagator. • Salad leaves and spinach can be grown on a bright windowsill indoors for tasty early greens. • Start chitting (sprouting) first early potatoes on a windowsill indoors.

Then your Garden looks very Beautiful .. Happy Gardening.. 🙂

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