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Kudumulu/Undrallu is a traditional dish prepare for every Vinayaka chavithi. for Lard Ganesha. Everyone can do this in home and pray Lord ganapathi to remove obstacles in their task, so that they will be removed by lord’s blessings.  Lets do this..

1 cup of rice rava/flour

2 cups of water for rava

Handful of chana dal

Salt to taste, spoon of jeera/cumin

1tbsp of ghee.


  • Wash and soak chana dal (senaga pappu) in water for 20-30mnts. After that drain that and set a side. Let it dry.
  • Heat ghee in pan and add dal let it fry for few minutes later add water and let them boil for few more minutes. Later add jeera and salt.
  • Now add rava to boiling water very slowly.
  • Stir well to avoid formation of lumps.
  • Cover the pan with lid and let it cook for few minutes.
  • Let it cook in low flame with out burning.
  • After the water get evaporates turn off the stove and leave it for few more minutes.
  • Now transfer cooked rava into widen plate or vessel and let them cool.
  • Now rub hands with ghee and start round up the rava like balls.
  • Kudumulu is ready .
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