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Dates Halwa


Dates are very important part of diet. Can be used by children or adults in all the ways. If we prepare some sweet wit that it wil be really very tasty. Let’s try this

Dates Halwa:


Seedless Dates- 300 gms

Kova- 200gms


Fav nuts



Soak Dates in little bit of milk for few minutes.

Chop them and blend them in mixer until to get perfect consistency.

Add ghee to pan and add dates mixture along with kova.

Stir well to avoid burning of mixture.

Whenever pan leaves the oil then turn of the stove and let it cool for few seconds.

Grease any widen plate with ghee and spread mixture on it.

Slowly cut the mixture in desired shapes.

You can have your fav nutes like badam, pista, tutifrooti anything, but use them after finely chopping only.

Add little amount of ghee on cutted pieces for more taste.

 Serve with Love 🙂


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