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Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s  Day


Greet your father for not to be  a Father of you… just for giving an oppurtunity to be his child.

No matter if you cant be able to greet him personally…feel your love on him today and have his blessings all ur way.

If you can give his fav gift …and spend your time with a valuable person in ur life.

Try to think about their life too who spend almost their sweat jut for your bright future and always standahead to get rid off ur problems. If your parents are in old-Age home or alone in another place pls get them back and stay with them becos you cant get another parents again. They are unique and valuable persons in ur life. Pls take care of them

Teach ur Child about the difference between of living the life and spending the days. To lead honesty life, lovely life with a touch of emotion, commitment & sincerity. Let them take wise decisions in time, be practical and not to bend to any negative forces.

Dont support them in their negative parts always inspire them and teach them openly abt right and rong.

Be a Good son, Good father and Good person. 🙂

plesantlife.com wishes all fathers a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 🙂