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simple summer drinks


Simple Summer Refresh Drinks



Water- suficient

Salt to taste, Lemon-4-5drops, curryleaves, Coriander leaves(optional)

Pour curd into glass and add little bit of water and make  paste with spoon. Add salt, Curryleaves pieces, and Coriander pieces.

Now add Glass of water  

Buttermilk helps to cool the heat in body, avoids sunstroke, Releives from Thirst, Helps to overocme Gastric problem and many more.

Please dont add Green mirch in Buttermilk if you do so it can causes some burning sensation in Throat.

2) Honey Water



Add Honey to glass of water and drink it when you feel weak or tired. It gives you instant energy.

3)Waterlemon Juice:

Waterlemon peices-1/2glass

Water-1/2 glass

Mash the  pieces of watermelon into paste with spoon  and add water and drink it. It cools the water and helps to give instant energy.

4) Lemon Water:


Water 2 glasses

Squeeze lemon into 2 glasses of water and add salt to taste.

It helps to beat the summer in many ways.

5) Fresh Coconut water is always best.

6) Glucose water is some what better if you are away from all the above.

7)  Drink Pot water if it is possible.

Drink Only WATER when you feel thirsty dont choose any cooldrinks or juices.

Avoid adding sugar in juices you can go for Honey if u need more sweet.

Dont drink juice in chilled state. Try to take it  freshly.

Dont store juices in fridge for more time it looses its protein values

Drink glass of water for every 1hour to beat summer. and Drink glass of water before going out it helps to get rid from Sunstroke

Take care.:)