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Cool summer tips to all ages.


Hai  Friends..

summer is too hot so we have to take more care . Summer is not only for kids or babies or infants right? Season is for all including birds, animals etc etc so we have to take more n more care in each n every step.We are giving few tips to beat this hot summer so try to implement . If you are facing some inconvenience or any health issue don’t hesitate or delay to consult ur family doctor. Don’t use new medicines with out your doctor’s consultation. This is most important.

1) Plan your work between 10am-5 pm indoor work only

2) Go out after drinking a glass of plain water. This may helps you to avoid sunstroke.

3) Wear  Pure Cotton clothes. Don’t prefer Synthetic or silk or some other fabrics. 

4) Use sunscreen cream at least before 30 mints before leaving out. If you wish to wear full hands then  choose it loose hands instead of tight hands.

5) Daily Use prickly heat powder to underarms after bath and dried . 

6) Use lemon drops to bath water to get freshness. 

7) Use mild spray to feel freshness.

8) Take light meals instead of Non-veg or heavy meals. Take Butter milk with salt.

9) Drink a glass of water for every 1 hour even though you didn’t feel thirsty.

10) Try to avoid outside foods if it is must  try to prefer fruits, salt water with lemon or watermelon or karbooja juices.

Don’t prefer cool drinks or hot drinks .

 11) Don’t prefer heavy make-up . You looks beautiful with simple and naturality. You can check it for sure.

 12) Use bath scrubs instead of Toilet soaps It helps your skin to maintain sufficient moisture and keeps health safe.

13)  Don’t prefer oily foods or fried foods. If u do so then take glass of buttermilk with salt. 

14) If you have to go out in middle of day then cover your face with mask or scarf with spectacles too. If you drives on bike then  go slow to avoid sunny strokes.

15) Don’t let children to play outside , to play with water in middle of day. Let them play inside with indoor games spend ur time with them and provide enough to them by not feeling alone.

16) Make family functions in this summer in one’s home rather than to move to all relatives/friends home. Gathering all the people in one place is better to all  . Think abt it once.

17) Take light dinner . Don’t take deep fried foods as they need more time to digest. Eat at least 1 hour before going to bed. 

18) Use cotton blankets  only. 

19) Use AC min 25 degrees  . More chillness cant allows you to do next day work actively.  

20) Don’t come out immediately to outside from AC Room it surely damages your health and leads to  sunstroke. Sit in normal room for some time let your body adjust with  out AC then slowly come out. This is somewhat better.

21) Don’t drink water immediately after coming to home take some time to maintain your body temperature clean your face  and wash your hands stay under Fan  for some time then have water. This is  better to avoid some problems

22) Do follow  this  for  any age.  

23) Please try to keep wide water bowls in Terras or in balcony’s or in Gardens just to help birds or squirrels to drink water in need.

Live and let live is our concept. 

24) Offer water to courier boys, Service men, Maids or others who comes to your service.

25) If you like to do service then kindly distribute Water Packets or Slippers  to need people. You may find them  infront of Religious places, or in some locality or   Old-Age homes. 

26)  Consult Doctor when ever you need  don’t delay about health issues.

27)   Wear loose clothes than tight Jeans / Leggings or Shorts etc. That’s not good for health.

28) If any of them affected by sunstroke take them immediately to doctor by wearing us cotton clothes, covering  ears, Head  with scarf . Before that ask Your doctor for first-aid. 

29)  Don’t move more for  vacations  if your health is not supportive rather than arrange family meet-ups in your home fore more change or simply enjoy with your Family.

30) Take proper precautions, care and every one can beat this summer in cool way.

Have a Happy summer 🙂