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Her step is Secured step or not???


Where her step taking her?

Ladies plays major role in society. They can rule the world in their own way. We are not talking about all Ladies.
She is standing Top in academics.
She is earning more than men.
She is moving out of country for job before marriage.Parents are accepting all her decisions by all means.

She can go to pub at any time with anyone. 

She can spent with her friends in any time. she can make new persons as best friends in short time too.

She can wear her favourite dress with out any permission from her parents,She can wear any trendset irrespective of tight or loose, just she needs to follow latest fashion parade. That’s it Of course her friends will always support her for latest choice. She can move to Movies for any show with her dearest one. she can spent her time by counting her currency which she earned by loosing very valuable moments. No one will questions her. Beyond this She is disturbing her own family based on normal issues and changing her marital status in short time. Even then also some parents  are not questioning her about this but surprising issue is they are on the way to suppotheir little daughter  always. she is not ready to listen her partner’s voice atleast in serious issues, taking own decisions regarding herself or kids or her salary or anything else.why these changes are coming in lady now-a-days? how to change them in positive way?

No traditions, restrictions, are there for her.

No time limit

No boundaries

No rules nothing at all. thennnn

Where her step is taking her to?
Do u think this as Freedom? or Liberty? or what?
Can she walk safely through out her way like this?
Can her ears listen atleast one moral value which can change her life destiny?

She is not walking in safe zone then how can she expects a safe world around her?
Is it possible to provide safety to her?
Can she accepts your safe zone or can she obeys your rules?
Some ladies are like this. They are not giving much importance to their own lives which is very very important. She erased all the boundaries around her which had drawn by parents, grandparents or any well-wisher. She herself became a painter and start drawing lines as she needs.
How far it is safe to her to do like this? She is not child to leave alone she is a Lady have to
take care every moment. but she is not allowing anyone to stay in her world then how she can get minimum security?

If she is moving in right path then we can think about her safety she is not thinking in correct way then how can we provide security?

Try to think about ladies in your house first.
1)Are they moving in proper way?
2) Do u accept your daughter/sister to go to abroad before marriage for higher studies /job?
3) Do u accept your girl to move out in odd times?
4) Do u accept ur girl to move out with her friends always?
5)Do u accept ur girl to spent maximum time in cell/net?
6)Do u accept ur girl to spent in pub/party/outings?
7)Do u accept ur girl to delay marriage depending on job?
8) Do u accept ur girl to wear incomplete/odd/tight dress while going out?
9) Do u accept ur girl to avoid ur family for her friends/some selected persons?
10) Do u accept ur girl if she shows any person to marry?
11) Do u agree ur girl if she takes her own decisions in imp issues?

If you agree in maximum count then you are the main reason behind her every negative step.
If you cant agree in maximum of her interests then you are on the way to treat her in positive way.
Try to take this article in positive way and try to understand that we are on the way to save each and every girl in this world.
Try to know her each and every aspect at least from now-on-wards.
Don’t let her to take own decisions at least in imp issues like Marriage/family.
Don’t allow her to move out with incomplete/uncovered dress try to talk with her openly and explain the problems she may face if she do so. How many of us know about our girl’s best friends, daily friends, college friends, office friends, net friends, cell friends,, new friends???
A girl’s life is always depends on how she moves ahead, her way of thinking, her future, career etc.
She should lead a peaceful pleasant happy life that is everyone’s wish for that we all have to care about her in all ways. Try to meet her friends… try to think about her safety in her office . This is not suspecting her this is nothing but a word of care a hand of love thats it.
Explain all the things to her openly, tell her about safety, how to be away from strangers, how to save herself in need, how to stand perfectly in society, how to follow traditions in a family, how to build a proper safe and secure relation, how to give importance to life, when to give importance to money and many more more more n more…

Think about your girl/sister/daughter first then we can surely create awareness in all. so try to talk openly with her at least from now.Teach her the importance of Character and how to build a planned secured life. Don’t supress her negatives, don’t praise her un-neccesarily, don’t support her in wrong steps, be a friend, philosopher, guide and show the world in safest way. 

woman’s security is in her own hands so let’s all wish her a secured life.