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No Acid in Bathrooms


           Toilets can be stained from all sorts of things. Don’t  use a metal scraper, spoon, rod or tool to try to clean a toilet. The metal can damage the thin clear-glass coating . Stains can be caused by minerals, bacteria or organisms that are in the water or start to grow in the toilet bowl. The hardened white deposit you describe is probably lime or hard-water deposits. You’ll be able to get rid of that with some careful work.

In some houses they face problems with orange bacteria. If you don’t clean your toilets on a regular basis, this kind of bacteria can bloom within a few days. Lime deposits tend to form much more slowly unless the water is extremely hard. The problem with lime deposits is that they can interfere with the toilet’s flushing action.

Using Acid may cleanup your bathroom floor to maximum extent but it totally disturbs your bathroom tiles. Avoiding   Acid may helps to get rid off Acid fumes which cause may health problems.  

The flushing difficulty can be traced to partial clogging of the toilet rim holes and the siphon jet hole in the base of the bowl. For a strong flush, the water in the toilet tank needs to flow rapidly into the bowl through those holes. Clogged holes slow the water flow, which means that the stored finite energy in the tank water is dissipated over a greater amount of time. That creates a weak flush.

Look on product labels for chlorine bleach or the chemical sodium hypochlorite; they are one and the same. That chemical will kill the beneficial bacteria that break down the solid waste in your septic tank. toilet-cleaning process with oxygen bleach. It’s a powder that you pour into the toilet bowl. Add only a tablespoon, then walk away from the toilet for about 30 minutes. That gives the product plenty of time to dissolve.

So try to avoid Acids as much as you can to keep your health always safe. Use bleaching powder in bathrooms for better health . 

Use soft brushes rather than hard iron brushes. Do clean bathrooms weekly thrice . Don’t  use cheap powders to use bathrooms. 

 Keep  a floor cleaner rod  always in bathroom.

Using Acid may loosens the tiles and creates gaps. By this it leads to severe Drinage problems if you are staying in apartments your leakage in tiles may gives problem to your downfloor apt people also. so try to make a plan to avoid acid and clean it frequently to make healthy place.

Use  Antiseptic liquids for emergency and Air freshners  for pleasant fragrance.