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 Petrol  Petrol Petrol… Think once  how many litres  of petrol you have filled in your tank till now.

mileage is 75, 70, 60, 55 no doubt it goes on decreasing day by day but what to do to improve the mileage?

Are you happy with your bike mileage which is the main base of petrol?

We are giving some tips for better mileage . 

1) Manual-gear bikes are more fuel-efficient than gearless transmission engines found in scooters, especially in the hands of 

experienced riders. A geared bike is also quite useful when going downhill – reducing reliance on brakes.

2) Switch off the engine if you are going to be stationary for more than ten seconds.

3) The ideal speed should be around 40-50kmph, anything more will diminish your fuel-efficiency.

4) The leaner the bike, the better the mileage.

5) Drive at steady speed.Maintain correct tyre pressure.Adjust drive chain tension correctly.
Get your engine tuned and motorcycle serviced regularly by a  authorised workshop.

6) Do not keep the clutch lever pressed while driving.
7) Do not run the engine in low gear for long times.
8) Do not park your vehicle under direct sunlight as it causes evaporation of petrol. Try to park under trees if possible .Try to use bike covers for bike  safety. covers will help you to maintain strains/scratches free bike. It protect the bike from summer and rainy too. petrol-4

9) Do not keep brake pedal pressed while riding.
10) Do not raise the engine rpm during traffic halts, switch “OFF” the engine if the halt is more than 30 seconds.
11) Do not cover inlet of air filter assembly.
12) Do not cover the engine in the front and sides. This may restrict the smooth air flow 

13) Frequently change the engine oil as advised by the manufacturer. The gap between each engine oil change will depend upon
the type of oil you use, your driving style and the environment

14) Get your bike regularly serviced to maintain its mileage. Regularly check the fuel tank, fuel pipes along with filters to remove any unwanted impurities .Always try to ride your bike in the top gear and within a speed of 40 to 60 kilometres per hour.

15) Avoid increasing speed above 70km/h Follow these simple steps and improve your bike’s mileage. Maintain your bike’s health by taking proper and timely care.

16) Maintain a clean and healthy air filter.

17)  Use good quality of Lubricants and Oil.Thinner Oil increases Fuel Efficiency up-to 2%-3% .

18)  Get cleaned Your Car/Bike Fuel tank in every six month.

19) Do not carry extra and useless load.Tests shows that reduction of 50kg in two wheeler s increase your mileage by
5% and 2% in four wheeler s .

20) Decide Your route.Peak hours are the hour of traffic jams and congestion.The short routes are always congested at peak hour.Traffic congestion will double Your time and fuel consumption.So take a longer route which has low traffic.

Don’t give it to learners. Take care of your vehicle because no one can care about  your vehicle in better way than you.

If you dont know how to maintain your vehicle then do one thing… Love your vehicle then it teaches you all. 

Happy and safe Driving.