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Relaxation postures


Friends today we are going to start our Yoga …

Before going to start we have to do some body strechting excercises with hands and legs. Just to mould our body in required posture. After that you can go for Yoga postures. But don’t forget to contact Doctor and Yoga Instructor before the beginning of Yoga.

Here we are giving some 3 postures which helps you to relax in that particular posture.
Standing posture,Sitting posture and Sleeping posture.

After performing Standing/ sitting/sleeping yoga postures it is important to perform those related relaxation postures which gives the correct result to body and it is not safe to stop Yoga abruptly with out doing relaxation posture.

1) Standing Relaxation Posture:

Also known as Mountain Pose, Samasthiti or Tadasana this pose will align your bones, relax your mind and balance your emotions!




Stand with Your heels are slightly separated, so the midlines of your feet are parallel to each other.
Distribute your weight evenly on both feet (half goes in your heels and half spreads through the sides, soles and the balls of your feet.

Lengthen and spread your toes slightly for better balance. Legs straight, but soft dont bend.
Allow your weight to lean through your leg bones, into the bones of your feet and through your feet into the floor.

Stay Longer: Take a couple of well deserved deep breaths. Stand for 3 – 5 minutes at first, then you will given time constraints, increase to 10 minutes.

2) Sitting Relaxation Posture:


Sit on your yoga mat or a carpet and spread both legs forward. Your legs should rest on the carpet. Keep your legs straight, do not bend the legs at knee joint.
While sitting recline your upper half of body slightly backwards keeping both your hands (palms downward, fingers to the rear) on the carpet for support.
Keep your arms and back straight.
Turn your head erect or slowly tilt it towards either shoulder. Breathe normally concentrating on your breath and feel your body is getting relaxed.
Provides much needed relaxation during short break between asanas.
Helps blood circulation to body organs and muscles getting exercised during the practice of asanas.
Body relaxes and breath is harmonised.

3)Relaxation Asanama in Sleeping posture :



Shava means dead body. Lying down on the floor like dead body is called shavasana.

Lying flat on the ground with the face up words, in the manner of a dead body is Shavasana. It removes tiredness and enables the mind and whole body to relax.
It is very useful in yogic management of high blood pressure, peptic ulcer, anxiety, Cancer and all psychosomatic diseases.

In normal sleeps only body getting relaxation, were as in shavasan mind and body both get very good relaxation.

Help full to remove negative thoughts, so good posture to over come from depression, insomnia.

Very good to increase the concentration, remove tiredness.

So After staying some time say 10-15minutes in relaxation posture then try to open your eyes slowly and come ot normal position very slowly dont be hurry.

In beginning day you will notice so much pains in body but don’t use any pain killers for that if you continue this yoga they will be far away from you.

To avoid those body pains use hot water in bath.