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Friends… June 21- International Yoga Day

YOGA is for all ages for good , better and best Health all the time.
On this auspicious ocassion Plesantlife.com is presenting yoga from today for you. Before starting anything don’t forget to consult your Doctor. Ater taking your Doctor’s permission start Yoga.

Try to consult your instructor before starting yoga there are many postures for problems.If you are facing any severe health problem or you undergone any surgeries then you should not do it alone with out any   guidance.

We can be free from many types of Health problems by many types of postures but we should do it carefully, slowly and   leisurely.

Don’t fill your stomach before yoga.
Early morning from 5-7am is best time to perform.

Wear cotton and loose clothes.Don’t wear leggings or tight pants or shirts . Inner garments are must.

Women should not practise Yoga during menstruation and pregnancy.

Yoga should be practise on Yoga mats or cotton blanket. Don’t do practise on bare floor or sand.

No one should be in hurry while performing yoga.

Don’t use mobiles while doing yoga.

Don’t listen to any other songs.

Concentrate on final posture and on your body for better results.

Try to stay long time in final posture .

Whenever you feel pain or uneasiness then stop it immediately.

Don’t stop it abruptly . Take your own time to relax.

Don’t drink water while doing Yoga and don’t take any solids or liquids atleast for 30mnts after completing yoga.

Please consult your Doctor before starting Yoga or any other Excercise. This is only an example and for idea. please dont depend totally on this.