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Today we talk about the time management with your Partner.

May be your partner is so busy with daily activities ,office or house works. That is common. You both will be so busy in receiving relatives and handling some situations in a family. That is also very common.Have to think about kids , their career, plans, many more thoughts will makes you some restlessness… this is also very common. Then in this issues you have forgot one small thing . i.e. personal space which is very very very essential between any partners.

Try to question these in Yes or No format.

1) I wish my partner daily with smile after wake-up
2) I help my partner atleast upto some extent.
3) I spend some time for us daily with out miss
4) I think about our future and plan for it in better way.
5) I do shopping exclusive for my partner on some special days.
6) I make a note and greet on our personal days.
7) I offer my presence when my partner is in need.
8) I suport my partner in front of others.
9) I encourage my partner all the time.
10) some times i surprise my partner with Rose, choclate , Vallet or my partner’s favourites.
11) Am ready to accept my partner by all means.

If you got more than 6 Yes then you are the Way to reach your partner’s support.

If you got more than 9 Likes then you are Nice partner and you are trying alot to make your relation so strong.’

If you got 11 Yes then please maintain this and have a great days ahead.

If you got less than 6 Yes then no problem you are on the way but you need more suport from your partner.

so try to talk with your partner and have a nice time.

Friends Personal space is very important to share your feelings, to express your thoughts, to tell some thing in your own way. so try to spend some time with your partner in some pleasant place say.. Terras, Balcony, your room. but talk openly. Play some light music and have some chilled Icecream . No doubt you both will have better time and can build your relation in nice and lovely way.

so whatever busy you face daily just try to keep all them away for some time and have memorable time with partner for sometime which makes you to refresh mentally .

Have a plesantlife.

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