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Friends… today we are going to discuss about Rajpatil.

He is a nice Businessman always used to use other’s place, common place with out asking any permission . In that aspect he is a trouble maker also to his neighbours, relatives and friends along with surroundings.

Last week he performed some family function and he used his floor in apartment like anything. No doubt he spend money lavishly to make that function grand success. At the same time his visitors had great time in that moment. But thing is just like him his visitors of function had made the floor just like dustbin by throwing disposable glasses, cups, breakfast plates and many more waste items here and there. Rajpatil have to ask his neighbour’s permission to use the common area but he didn’t did like that and atleast he have to inform the people to use dustbin’s to throw the wastage. But he failed in this case also. finally function went on well and all left that place.

friends now tell me what’s the next job to be performed by him???

To clean it by watchman or by his family members etc etc.right? But u know what he did after that?

Sitting infront of LCD
Having chilled drink
talking with his family members with out using Mute in TV…
clapps.. smiles.. laughs.. discussions with high pitch and many more went on sooo normally…

So many will be like Rajpatil only no doubt. May be he is like your neighbour or friend or relative or some one else. But you should not leave such kind of person normally.If we leave them for one time they can do same mistake for 100 times and you can’t question them for 2nd time. so don’t delay in doing the right job.

Just talk openly with them
To maintain cleanliness is their responsibility also.
firstly let him know that asking permission to use the other’s or common space is minimum culture to behave in a society especially in apartments. We should not do our wish in common area its common for all then how can we use that space for ourselves.Tell him that he can ask permission in friendly way then any one will come forward to help him like anyway.

so friends watch about the way of behaviour if you face any person like that then tell them smoothly not harshly and at the same time you too please follow minimum rules to lead plesantlife in society. okk


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