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Crush them after use.. don’t re-use



Does Reusing  disposable plastic Water Bottles Increase Their Bacterial Content?

Many consumers reuse disposable plastic water bottles for convenience’ sake. Based upon recent findings, including a four-year Natural Resources Defense Council study, you should reconsider reusing plastic water bottles Disposable plastic water bottles are made for one-time use — for the product that came in it — not continual reuse

In Bus journey, Train Journey we use to choose them  but think once how much it is safe for our body to use them again???

Bacteria in Reused Plastic Water Bottles

In 2003 the University of Calgary conducted a study of 75 plastic water bottles from an elementary school classroom. The bacteria levels were so high in the bottles that, had the water been from the tap, a boil-water order would have been issued

However, the study concluded that the high bacteria levels were more associated with poor hygiene practices than with the plastic bottles themselves.

Bacteria grow naturally in moist, warm environments, and virtually any container can provide the right circumstances for bacterial growth.

The shape of plastic water bottles is a factor in the promotion of bacteria, as the narrow mouths of the bottles make them difficult to clean. Containers designed for reuse have wider mouths that facilitate cleaning

Cleaning Bottles

Cleaning plastic water bottles with warm soapy water and allowing them to dry is essential to prevent bacteria growth. However, cleaning them creates another potential hazard. Abrasion to the soft, flexible walls of the bottle can damage the structure of the plastic, causing it to leach toxic chemicals into the water. Therefore, if you reuse plastic water bottles, do so for no longer than one month

Alternatives to Reusing disposable  Plastic Water Bottles

Two alternatives to reusing plastic bottles can reduce bacteria levels in our water and prevent waste. Drink filtered tap water from a glass with a wide mouth, which allows for ease in cleaning.

Use a stainless steel bottle when a portable water bottle is needed. Stainless steel is durable, reusable, does not leach and does not taste like metal, as do many aluminum bottles

Re-using  disposable Plastic bottles is not helpful to body in any way that to they develop bacteria in all the ways in simple way. So please go for  steel bottles which are safe to use as the water in those containers don’t smell bad and that too easy to clean and somewhat bacteria free also. Generally while doing journey  in some  buses they  will provide Mineral water packed bottles to passengers. Before using them its better to check the manufacturing and expiring dates  and check for ISI mark and go through for bottle check from outside if any foreign material seen. If your eye catches anyone then you can seriously do complain (if any change in Taste and smell ) to particular department with out any hesitation. It may helps to future passengers also and try to awaken the public as it is your minimum responsibility as a Citizen.

So friends Re-using disposable Plastic water bottles is of maximum harmful than benefit ones checking manufacturing , expiring dates, Narrow mouth helps bacteria to stay for long time, steel is better. Don’t allow  kids to use re-used bottles to schools.

Better to crush them after use so that  no other can use it again. Please pass this to all and save the Earth and our Lives too.

Take care of health.