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Gardening Exercise Day


Friends today is Gardening Excercise Day
This is celebrated every year on June-6th

This is a good -day where you u will get away from your desk or house or some other daily routine normal mechanical works. Just move your steps towards outdoor and start tasting the smell of Mud, Plant, Buds, flowers and many.. Sure your mind can’t get any other best taste than this.

Gardneing is beautiful wonderful excercise which burns calories unknowingly. Best to build muscles and so much physical as well as mental activity.

weeding, Digging, Planting, Pruning, Mowing, Raking and watering are wonderful and should be experienced for best n best result.

so do some thing today and love your lovely Garden do for it some thing. Have a pleasant walk with your dear ones by watering plants.

Have a great time with your children by planting more trees. Let them know the importance of seed which gives wonderful fragrances to their tomorrow’s life.

Spend your time today mostly in Garden with your dear ones or alone or your wish. Enjoy fresh air, natural light, musical sand flavour…..
Taste it today don’t miss it

Happy Gardening.