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Balloons game for kids


Friends we are now presenting a wonderful super interesting game for all age groups.

for this you have to collect some  baloons are of same colour or any colour.






Black or any single colour also no problem at all

Method of playing:

1) Take baloons and write the names of your all participants and keep them a side. If you dont want to write names you can write numbers also.

2) Take white paper and write all the participant names. ex. Deep, 1, Raj etc

Now fold the papers and pick any one paper and open it for ex if you get name of Deep

baloons game

You will get a name of your participant. It means you have to pick  Deep baloon.

Now its turn to  close your eyes with hanky and pick up your  friend baloon. ex. Deep baloon.

The name which you pick in paper should be same which you pick the baloon .

This  is the game. This game continues until all the participants will participate in game and have to check the winner who picks the name of friend.

so Goodluck friends.