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Sunstroke Precautions


sun stroke is a serious medical condition. Also known as a heat stroke, it makes the body temperature rise too high as a result of excessive exposure to heat.


Urinary pain and burning with reduced urine output

Headache, altered consciousness or disorientation, forgetfulness, giddiness, seizures

Dryness of mouth, muscle cramps, high fever, high pulse

Symptoms of diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and chickenpox.

Don’t drink cool water immediately after coming from outside.


Both children and elderly are prone to heat effect, so avoid all direct exposure to sun

Children, if taken out for an emergency, should have clothes completely covering the body

Everyone should cover head, nose and ears, and wear cotton, white, loose fitting and light colour clothes

Use a body size umbrella to completely shade you when it is necessary to remain outdoors for a long period of time
Do not eat out or drink roadside lemon or sugarcane juice

Drink enough fluids, water, lemon juice with salt and sugar, panna, butter milk, coconut water etc

Take frequent baths or showers

Avoid temperature fluctuations, do not move between office/home and outside
Avoid oily foods replace them with fruits and water.

Best liquid helps to keep you safe from summer is water don’t replace it with soft drink.

Try for pot water if possible if not have  a better filtered water

Close doors, windows and cover windows with curtains in afternoon to avoid heatness .

Don’t expose to sun immediately after coming from AC room this is very common problem.

Drive slowly so that Heat waves can’t touch you all the way.

Cover your vehicle seat with woollen cloth in summer so that you cant face the heat while driving and don’t park vehicles under sun.

On very Hot day one should drink frequently but in small quantities.

Consult physician at least once in summer

Keep watch on vital parameters like pulse, temperature and urine output

Patients on diuretic drugs must consult doctor

Take a look at the following measures that one can take to prevent a sun stroke:

  1. Clothing – Wearing light clothing helps the body to breathe.

2.Liquids – Consuming lot of liquids takes precedence to avoid heat strokes..

3. Medications –Speak to your doctor to determine the medicines intake during summer.

4. Fitness – Being fitness and not obese helps fight almost everything; heat stroke included.

5.Healthy diet – Probably a grandma tip, this is one of the best ways to fight sun strokes.

6.Keeping the body well-nourished throughout the day gathers that physical strength required to combat the heat; a healthy diet that doesn’t have oily and fried food always wins.


The best way to fight a sun stroke is by following the precautions. Do not wait for the incident. Sun strokes have to be prevented with care.