Home He 3 fariness packs for our guys… follow me…

3 fariness packs for our guys… follow me…


If you want cute face like me then follow these tips okkkk

Gents have to think about their skin safety  and they have to take some care to maintain the colour of skin.  Here we are providing some tips for men to help to improve their fairness.

These are very easy and simple methods. So try them   smoothly not harshly or fastly.

Tip 1:


Besan flour-1tsp

Milk  or rose water-2spoons


Soak almonds in water  overnight and make them paste by adding 1 spoon of besan flour, 1 spoon of milk and rose water.

Now apply that paste to your cleaned face and stay for about 20mnts

Don’t talk or drink or eat while you are  wearing a face pack. Sit calm near  fresh plants or fresh air .

After 20minutes wipe the pack with moist cloth first slowly and finally with  normal fresh water.

Apply bit of moisturizer if ur’s is dry skin .



Ripen Banana ( yellow)-1

Honey-1 tsp



Mash ripen banana with cleaned hands and add honey and cream  and apply this on your cleaned face.

Don’t talk or eat or drink. Sit calm

After 20minutes clean  your face with  moist cloth smoothly and then finally with normal fresh water.

If yours is dry skin add a bit of moisturiser after face wash.



1 spoon cream

1spoon-besan flour

1 spoon rose water


mix all these and apply to skin

Stay for 20minutes and clean with moist cloth and later with normal fresh water.

Try to use these tips for fairness and freshness.