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summer Herbal Bath powder for he & she



summer Season starts. So many sunscreen lotions, so many bath powders so many creams to keep our skin health , and far to dry. But why can’t we use purely herbal based product ie. herbal bath powder to  keep our skin always fresh and non-greasy???

No need to use chemical based creams or lotions or face washes etc. simple procedure keeps our skin fresh in summer.

This is applicable to both for Gents, Ladies even infants or of any age.


Bath Powder:


Dried rose petals-1cup

Besan Flour-1cup

Sandal powder-1spoon

Cream-1/2  spoon ( if urs is oily skin then add water -1spoon)

Milk –1 spoons. ( any skin type can choose this)

Almond oil-3 drops ( 1/2 spoon by oily skin persons)



Make dried rose petals into powder. U can use fresh petals paste also but it is not going to  be fresh in next day so if u like to use  fresh petals then use it freshly dont keep in fridge.

Mix all the ingredients and you can add rose water or plain water to make it paste.

Now apply to face and body.  massage with normal water for 5-10mnts

Then don’t use any soap and complete your bath.

Don’t use more hot or too cool water to bath.

Apply your moisturiser and sunscreen lotion after bath.

stay for a while then dress up.

You can keep your body smooth and non-greasy.

If yours is oily skin then avoid almond oil and cream as already mentioned.

Take care of skin with herbal procedures. Try to be far from Chemicals as much as possible.

This can be used by anyone.

Happy Summer