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is urs cracked lips?


whatever the season is so many will have common problem i.e Cracked lips. It affects the looks and appearance.

Due to shortage of water in body

Due to usage of chemical and cheap lipstick  or lip-balm some cracks are due to sores like.

Due to intake of sufficient diet.

Don’t prefer cheap lipstick’s or lip-balm’s or roadside motions to make  them smooth. They are not going to help you in better way.

Don’t lick your lip always with tongue for freshness or to avoid dryness this may brings blackness to your lips and it will be another problem to remove that blackness.

Don’t prick them  it may create roughness or they may loose smoothness.

Try to follow some herbal / home-made procedures to get rid of Cracked lips.

Dry and chapped lips occur all the time without warning. This is not life threatening, but it can cause inconvenience
Causes of developing dryness on the lips include too much exposure to sunlight, too much licking of lips, smoking, dehydration, allergy, vitamin deficiency and harsh climate

Natural oils

Natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil are good in keeping the affected area moist. These oils are best for those cases where the culprit is either dry or cold weather.


Juicing cucumber slices and slathering the affected area with the liquid is a good way of easing the discomfort of dry lips. It is recommended to keep the lips moistened by doing this several times in a day.

Aloe vera

Although its odor and taste are unpleasant, there is no doubt about the healing properties of aloe vera. The advantage of this plant is that it can be grown in your back yard. When the need arises, it will be easy enough to simply pluck a leaf and lather the lips with the juice


The calming and hydrating effects of water can alleviate the pain. Keeping the body hydrated will provide a favorable environment so that it can efficiently perform the chemical processes to repair and rejuvenate the body.

Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jelly can be used several times a day and also once before climbing the bed. If the concentrated greasiness of petroleum feels uncomfortable or if it is causing more pain, coating the lips with honey first before brushing with petroleum may just do the trick.

Put two teaspoons of sugar in a bowl, and one teaspoon of honey. Mix well and put onto chapped, dry, flaky lips. Rub off with warm water smoothly  after about 10-20 mins.
Natural home remedy using rosewater and honey:

1. Take 1 tsp of rosewater + Add 1 tsp of honey
2. Mix well and apply this mixture on the lips

Natural home remedy using cucumber:

1. Crush a peeled cucumber to make a paste
2. Press this paste on a sieve and extract juice
3. Apply this juice on the lips
4. Wash it off after 20 min


• Apply clarified butter before bedtime
• Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day
• This will help flush toxins from the body
• It also keeps the skin hydrated

so take proper care for your smooth and tender lips.