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Marriage season

Roses..Jasmines… Sunflower.. not one many many many and more flowers will occupy a  special place in Bridal Poola-jada decoration.

so many different types of varieties of poola-jada’s are available in market.

We are trying to reach our viewers the best of them

Watch these pics carefully and select a beautiful one to your sister/Daughter or friend or to ur would be or to urself.

Poola-jads are made up of many types of flowers. Some like pure white flowers , while some like roses, while some other likes pure single colours or with garlands.

jada-7 this is one model as individual bunches  are attached 1 by1.

That too only by 2 colours. white and red.

This is one latest type of poola-jada. In this the flowers are prepared separately  and finally they are striched to jada .


This Jada is designed with coloured rose petal and same colour ribbon. This also prepared by individual flowers and then they are striched to jada 1 by 1 between jasmine bunch.  jada-5


jada-9This is different jada . Jasmine garlands are decorated in zigzag way between facy ornaments.


jada-34 In this jada total readymade flowers are arranged .


jada-2f This jada is made by redroses  and white buds with green leaves in between.


jada-6  This  is Tamilian’ s type of wearing Jada decorates jasmine garlands like balls  in between ornaments


jada-5f  This is purely decorated with Pink and red roses and not covered the back side of head totally.

so many types of jada’s are there  U can choose your best to make a centre of attraction in Marriage.

jada-11    Goodluck  happy selection happy time.