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Laptop stands-Safe & Easy


Laptop is most necessary now-a-days. From students to senior-citizens all are using it in their own way.

so many benefits when compare to desktop but have to think about our safety in healthy aspect.

r we safe while watching Laptop?

Is our back-bone is  healthy while using Laptop?

Are we taking breathe freely while working with Laptop?

“don’t know ” is the maximum answer. But thing is we have to know about our health before and after using Laptop.

Unknowingly We may bend more n more to use it.

Stands may be of many types. either Metal or Wooden. You can use keyboard if you are  habbitat of using Mouse and Keyboard.lap-6

Even on Office tables you can fix this stand for more convenience to work fastly. lap-7






we are giving obstacle to our body to take free breathe (as stomach will fold while bending by this we  creates some obstacle to have free breathe.)

So many problems like spinal problems, back-pain, chest -pain  are arising now-a-days because of improper usage of Laptop. so to avoid or to overcome all these problems we can go for LAPTOP STAND  which gives long life not only to  battery but also to us. It avoids many problems. It keeps us healthy and allows our body to take free breathe.


lap-21          lap-22

See these pictures clearly and observe the differences be tween them. By  using Laptop stand anyone can sit properly and can do their work normally and by this tension percentage will be decreased.


By using a laptop stand, the discomfort and long-term injury risks of laptop use are things of the past. By encouraging the user to sit back in their chair and using a laptop stand along with an external keyboard and mouse, the user is promoting good ergonomic posture while computing.
The laptop can wreak havoc on the human body. Without the aid of a laptop stand, laptop users risk discomfort and pain from a number of musculoskeletal disorders and physical ailments

Neck pain
Upper and lower back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Computer vision syndrome
Additionally, discomfort and pain from prolonged laptop use can result in any of the following:

Decreased productivity
Discomfort while performing other tasks
Missed work/injury leave
Workers’ compensation claims
The laptop stand allows the user to elevate the laptop display to eye level at an optimal distance from the user. Using an external keyboard and mouse allows the use to sit back in their chair to maintain healthy posture, eliminating the risks and discomfort associated with “laptop hunch.” At Backcare & Seating we have a wide range of laptop stands to choose from – for a permanent position or to take with you if you are on the move.

We can use it on beds also. lap-3

Portable laptop tables

These days, portable tables are very much in demand because people can easily take them wherever they want to. These tables can be folded and packed and they are light-weight which does not allow the person to face problems when they take these tables from one place to another. Most of them are also built such that they can be used for multiple purposes and because this is a good investment for people, a person should definitely try using a laptop table.


Sitting for long periods of time with a laptop on your lap while in bed or on a couch is very stressful on your neck and wrists. A laptop table for a couch or bed will raise the angle your neck needs to make in order to view the laptop screen. This angle is similar to sitting at a desk while on a desktop computer. The laptop table will also reduce the stress on your wrists which will need to bend at a deep angle in order to type on the keyword.

2. The use of a portable or rolling laptop stand that is made for a couch or bed will also increase the duration of time that work can be completed comfortably. Many individuals work from home or due to medical history need to work from a laying or relaxed seated position. A laptop table for stand will enable you to work longer due to the more comfortable and less stressful position on your body.

3. A laptop stand will also increase the battery life and longevity of a laptop due to the increased ability to remove the hot air from the laptop. Typically laptops run very hot if they are set on the lap, this occurs due to the blockage of air vents by clothing, pillows or other objects.

A variety of laptop tables are available for purchase. Some can be found locally, but for the best selection it can be best to search online. Some are available that feature wheels and adjustable height to function more as a hospital desk.

A laptop table is especially preferred by someone who has to do a lot of work on the laptop. Because work can be both stressful and lengthy, the use of table allows the person to release some of the stress that they feel by giving them a chance to feel more relaxed while they are working. If a laptop is not positioned at a correct level, it can cause strain on the eyes and other than affecting the eyesight, it can cause frequent headaches. Also, the shoulders of the person usually remain hunched when they are working and the wrists may also be pressed hard against the keyboard thus a laptop table improves the health of person by eliminating these issues.

So why can’t we take care of our Health by all means.