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Friends how to get him in my life?


hai friends so nice concept.

I am Madhumati complete Btech am found of Sweets. I met Rajesh first time in sweet shop only. That’s very sweet memory for me. I stay in hostel so i used to come to chat bandhar weekly once for Pani Puri. That chat bandhar is near to Rajesh hostel. His batch used to come to same chat bandhar and start talking with me one fine day I too start talking and in short time we became friends. After my completion of Btech I got campus selection in Hyderabad MNC itself. Rajesh is trying for software job for that he completed some courses also. But he is still in search of job. After some period he got job in Pune and before leaving to pune he came to my house and introduced his parents, brother and sister. Parents felt happy with his nice behavior and encourage our friendship.

 After he left to pune I start missing him more and more. And finally I decide I am in love with him. but I didn’t try to express it or to propose him. he used to come to Hyderabad for every 15days for his family and for me also. we spend some time in temple, garden and along with his sister, brother and my brother we used to move to movie also. That much of closeness he occupied in our family. Again Sunday night he moves to pune. Whenever he is in Hyderabad i used to have happy time but when he move back to pune again i be in mood off.

After few months i got good match boy is in states. Parents felt happy and start dreaming about my future with him. But i am against to that match and at that moment i decided that i can’t accept any other person other than my Rajesh. I told him about my matches and he take it so normally and simply. No response from him which i expected. What to do? What step i have to take now?


Boy came to see me. Nice person of course.. educated sound family smart guy. But I can’t convince myself in any way. i didn’t shows interest on that match. Parents noticed my behavior and asked me directly. But no response from me. I can’t tell them now because i didn’t asked him till now and i don’t know how he feels about me. But my heart says… he surely accepts me if i propose but but but but but…. can’t able to decide and maintained silence.

Being restless i failed to participate in my family functions also. Finally Marriage was fixed. so i was forced to quit job. Staying in home made me mad. I used to send lots of sms to Rajesh but so normally. He too respond in same way and normally. but why cant he understnad my heart now? why can’t he think me in that way?

If i propose him he may think wrong or bad about me chances are there right? what i have to do?

Rajesh is coming on feb 3rd week to Hyderabad. My marriage date is fixed on coming March. Still now am waiting for his words. If he propose now myself and my family are ready to accept him, because he occupied very nice place in my family. . but i can’t express my words to him. But he is maintaining silence. What to do now?

friends pls help me and please give suggestions to do next step. pls tell me what to do now.

Am not  at all interested to marry any other person than Rajesh at the same time i can’t express my love to him because he may feel bad about me. Please advice me and please bless both of us to lead happy life.

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