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How to Remove dead skin on body..

Friends… to look handsome or fair first we have to  remove the dead cells which are present on your body. When dead cells are removed then our original skin complexion will comes out and after that we can go for better look and your mirror will smiles to u..

Then how to do this?

No need to visit any parlour no need to spend any amount..

Simple easy process in home 


To remove dead skin in our body we can follow this simple and easy tip in our home itself.

Try to do this monthly twice so that your skin will free from dirt and opens freely.



Honey- 2tsp

Lemon juice- 1sp


Sugar, when combined with a liquid, works as an exfoliant on your skin. It will slough off dead skin, revealing the fresh and smooth skin underneath. Sugar scrubs are safe for use on any part of the body

Select the location you are going to scrub.

Wet it completely.

Now take 1-2 spoons of sugar scrub and  palce it on the location where you want to remove dead skin. Slowly scrubbing in circular motion. While you’re scrubbing, you should feel no pain or discomfort; if you experience pain or tenderness, you are rubbing too hard with the sugar

Do this for few minutes..

Run warm water from the tap, and use it to gently wipe away the sugar. There will be a residue from the scrub, but this will help to moisturize and soften your skin, and doesn’t need to be rinsed off completely

Use a clean cloth to pat your skin dry. If you are looking to soften your skin, you can finish up the process by massaging a moisturizing lotion into your skin. Do this for 1-2 minutes, and your skin should be silky smooth and soft.

Use this process slowly not roughly or fastly. If you find any pain or discomfort while doing so that means your skin is not that much of wet so again make wet and try again.

If it is pain even after applying moisturizing lotion then its better to rub  cloth which is dipped in ice water.

So dont worry about dead skin just take care of health in this way and makes ur skin smooth n clean


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