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Evergreen fruit–Gauva



high nutritional healthiest Tropical fruit. Contains of  about 12% of our daily folate (Vitamin B9) requirement. It is not produced in the body and is essential for DNA repair and synthesis.


Fruit may be round or pear or ovoid shape. Better varieties when ripe. Some in white some in pink, yellow and even red.


Benefits of Gauva:

  • Excellent protective towards breast, mouth, skin, stomach, oralcavity, lung and colon cancer.
  • Excellent source of vit. C that acts as anti oxidant and increases immune system.
  • Good in regulating Bloodpressure and in blood production.
  • Heavy anti-oxidant property delays anti-ageing.
  •  Gauva’s flower  fr-3
  • Excellent fruit  for Diabetes patients.
  • Improves eye vision and  protect from cataract.
  • Clears stomach infections and symptoms of dysentery and gastro enteritis
  • Improves blood circulation and brain functioning.
  • Promotes digestion and ease bowel moments.
  • Suits for all ages.
  • fr4
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