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Disposable vs Cloth nappies


Diapering is important task in Baby care.

So many models of diapers are available in present market.

There are 2 kinds of Diapers

  • Cloth diapers
  • Disposable diapers


Cloth Diapers:  Advantages:  more.. Disadvantages: less

♠ Re-usable

♠  Washable ones available in many shapes and sizes too.


♠  Soft Terry cloth cotton is used which is very  friendly to Baby ‘s skin.

♠  Gives good blood circulation to baby’s skin


♠  Baby can be far from diaper rashes.

♠  Cheaper than disposable diapers

♠   Baby can walk freely (with heavy diapers some babies feel  uneasy to walk freely )



♠  Do not have high absorbency.

♠  Not preferable while travelling.


Disposable Diapers: Disadvantages more, Advantages less.

♠  Diapers can last for 4-8 hrs

♠  Comfortable in journey time

♠  Easy for new mothers



♠  Single usage

♠  Expensive

♠  Problem of diaper rashness

♠  Improper Blood circulation to baby’s skin

♠  The synthetic materials, dyes and chemical gels used for absorbency in disposable diapers can be reactive with sensitive skin, increasing the chance of diaper rash. 

♠   some gap between both legs will be noticed while they are walking as the heavy diaper cant permit them to walk freely
♠  They may be harming the environment through manufacture and disposal.


Now check and compare disadvantages and advantages of both models . Take care of your baby with correct healthy and light weight nappies.