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Miraculous gifts



Good Health , Wealth , Education , CHILDREN etc……………….

 this is the Divine Place in India to Visit , Pray & Offer.

Yes , this is not a Superstition. This is the Belief & Trust of Many & Many.You believe it or not, various offerings to the Almighty here will be blessed with various Miraculous Gifts.


Offering of

  • SALT Gives Good Health.

        TURMERIC    ——Gives Protection against Toxic Kriyas.

  • GHEE———– Gives Long Life.

        ORNAMENTS EMBODIED  with Dieties images——— Gives Good Education.

         POT FILLED WITH GOLD———– Gives Abundant Wealth.

         BLACKPEPPER, Mustard Seeds & Green Peas ——— Gives Protection against Diseases.  

                            and so on ……………..


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The most important Belief is —-

Offering  a “BOWL “ (made of Copper & Brass ), to the God here by the couple will be blessed by a Baby Boy or Girl to them.


 It is a very strong belief and it is also a fact too that many couples come here and surrender themselves to the God with this “ BOWL” for want of  Children.

 Finally – We see many Blessed Mothers & Fathers here for submission of ‘ Special Offering’ to the God after fulfillment of their Wish.


In a word to say – It is the Gifted & Blessed place for the CHILD SEEKING Couples.