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How to protect Dry hands and legs in winter?

Friends.. everyone face the problem of rough hands and feet in winter season even after applying some moisturizing cream or lotion. Then what is the nice solution to this?

You can go for herbal care for your delicate hands.


  • hlegs4Besan flour: (Senagapindi in Telugu)

2spoons of besan flour + 1spoon of milk + 1spoon of rose water or plain water .

Make it a paste and apply on hands and legs

Keep them for some time

Later  rub smoothly with cool water .

Wrap cotton towel.

Then apply moisture

You love your hands…


  • Moong Dal scrub (Green)(Pesarapappu in Telugu)

Dried Moong-dal seed or get clean and fresh moong-dal powder.

Apply by adding 1spoon of milk + 1 spoon of rose/plain water and make it a paste


Apply on hands and legs rub gently

Keep it for few minutes

Later wash with cool water.

Apply moisturiser


  • Coconut oil:

Clean your hands with soap.


Apply coconut oil to hands and legs before going to bed.

You experience soft and smooth skin the next morning.


Drink plenty of water

Have enough sleep

Take balanced diet in time

Do excercise for body freshup

Try to avoid to expose in night times

Use cotton in ears and cover the cheeks with scarf.

Drive slow to avoid cool breeze in night times.

Take Doctor guidance in time and before starting new facepack.


These tips can be used for Males/ Females/ Kids.. of any age.


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