Palak paratha or spinach paratha is another excellent variation of paratha where you can include some healthy greens in the paratha.

palak paratha is specially good for children who are usually not fond of spinach. the paratha is one type of unleavened indian flat bread in which different stuffings are added.

Depending on the stuffing added, the paratha gets its name. so there is onion paratha,radish paratha, cauliflower paratha, paneer paratha and so on.

parathas are typical breakfast dish in north india specially in punjabi families. in punjab, they use a lot of ghee to fry the parathas till they are browned very well and serve them with white butter or curd or pickle.
you can also use oil to fry them, like i do. these parathas are little crisp in taste as my mil fried them in extra oil. otherwise, if you use less oil then they are not that crisp.

when making parathas, its better to follow the rolling and folding technique. while rolling the dough, apply some oil or ghee and fold the dough. this way you get layered parathas and with a soft texture inside. here we made square shaped parathas as explained in thisajwain paratha post. you can also make triangular parathas as explained in this plain paratha recipe.

the palak parathas can be had with lemon or mango pickle or even with curd or white butter. i made this paratha for a short trip. parathas don’t get spoiled easily and are often made for lunch boxes or for one day journeys.

Ingredients :

                      2 cups whole wheat flour/atta
200- 250 grams spinach/palak
1 or 2 green chilies, finely chopped
¼ tsp carom seeds/ajwain
2 tsp oil or ghee
a pinch of asafoetida/hing (optional)
salt as required
oil or ghee for frying the parathas

Instructions :

                    rinse the spinach leaves very well in water. drain them.
heat water and boil the spinach leaves in hot water for 5 to 7 minutes.
strain and keep some of the stock in which we have boiled the spinach leaves.
puree the spinach in a blender.
in a large bowl mix the whole wheat flour with salt, carom seeds, green chili and asafoetida.
add the spinach puree and 2 tsp oil. mix well.
add required amount of stock or water and make a smooth dough.
take a medium size ball from the dough. roll the dough ball into a small circle.
spread some oil or ghee on the top of the rolled dough.
fold one side, apply the oil or ghee on the folded side. again bring the edges together and fold.
you will get a triangular shape.roll into a medium sized parathas.
on a hot tava, cook the palak paratha with some oil or ghee. till they are crisp and brown from both side.
make all palak parathas this way. serve the palak paratha hot with yogurt or pickle.
you can also stack the palak parathas in a roti basket or casserole and serve them warm later.

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