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Shaving Rash


Friends this is common problems everyday we used to see in our houses…

Gents used to shave  very fastly depends on time

So at that moment they can be attack by skin rashes or scratches or irritations.

What to do

Whom to ask

How to manage

Do simple tips and go out with smile..

Frist clean that area with clean water thoroughly



Take Peel of banana and rub over rashed skin It  gives quick relief from minor shaving rashes and irritation.

Excellent fantastic healer for skin infections.

If you have time then try to follow these tips  …..

1) Ice theraphy :

Helps to treat the skin rashes caused by shaving or by heat.

Very simple technique you can use it in your home

Take 3-4 icecubes and wrap in cotton cloth

Place it near shaving rash place or red patches or where you feel rashes and inflamed skin

It gives you nice relaxation and  clear skin in short time



Works as natural ointment and treats skin rash easily

It  contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which kills the germs on skin that cause rashes.

Add few leaves and clean them under tap water

Boil them for some time  and allow them to cool. Grind those leaves into paste.

Add 1 tsp of turmeric to this paste.

Apply those paste on skin rash place and leave it for 30mnts

Take cotton ball and dip into neem boiled water and apply to skin rashes .


3)Baking Soda : Simple tip

Take spoon baking soda and make it paste with water.

Apply that paste on skin for 15mniutes to cure skin rash .

You can mix Vitamin E oil to that paste which is best mosituriser to skin.

4) Aloe vera :

Fresh natural excellent wonderful medicine

Take the extract of aloevera juice and apply it on rashes.

Let it dry naturally

It surely erases the rashes skin immediately and makes your skin smooth.

5) Olive Oil :

Take a cotton ball and dip in olive oil.

Apply it on rashes and keep that cotton upto 15 mnts

Do this twice in a day to remove rashes.

For more remedies pls follow us…


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