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Life needs some change ….. to get refresh…  to see the positive angle and more n more. so picnics are that type of mood changers which can spread their effect to all ages.  So many will prefer to move for a picnic or break time mostly  on  weekends like Saturday or Sunday.  Friends .. Family.. Neighbours.. Colleagues.. Relatives anyone can join in that josh and makes their life more colourful and memorable too
Beofre moving to any spot you must take care of some issues..
Before Packing…

Beofre moving to any spot you must take care of some issues..  Before Packing…

Try to fix the point where you are moving
Try to reserve your to and fro tickets and take 2 copies with you and keep them in 2 different places for safety
Try to keep a small letter pad  and mention your name and address along with phone number.
Try to maintain important phone numbers in that letter pad and make a note of packed Medicines and their usage for immediate usage
Make a list of required items to be packed and tick mark after you  kept them in suitcase
Take that list along with you and check the list again while returning to home
Take   medicines for  common problems like.. Motions, Headache, Vomtings.. toothache.. fever Migraine.. etc.
Use medium dosages and take doctors advice this is must before packing them
Use ATM cards if not keep money in various places for safety.
Don’t tell to more people that you are going out for trip
Don’t mention your absence in any media like Facebook or twitter or somewhere
Plan your journey perfectly and intimate about your whereabouts to your family members in time.


After reaching the picnic spot then do try to follow some more rules and teach your kids also..

In NEW PLACE U must be…

Don’t be so friendly or so close with strangers
Don’t give your cell/ Mobile to any  stranger.

Don’t start arguing with strangers in new place.
Don’t spend alone
Don’t go to isolated places
Go with  your team only
Don’t go on photos with strangers
Don’t give your valuable articles to strangers
Don’t discuss your personal issues with any stranger
Don’t stay in unknown places with stranger try to approach a wellknown restaurant or tourist place there for safety
Don’t  have hot drinks or non-vegetarian
Don’t try new foods in new place if you are alone.
Don’t be a referrer to any stranger.


Keep a memory of your sweet moments to make your life more pleasant
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