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Friends… We al have a very high plans to enjoy this summer with family , kids, fiends, relatives, and so on… Then we have to plan in such a way that everyone should feel it as Unforgettable moment forever n ever in their heart. so for this we need to care some points…

1) Plan a specific place at least before 10 days..

2) Gather information on that place reg. Hotels, Rooms, visiting places, Food , Shopping etc..

3) Make a note of persons who are staying in that place (if any)

4) Try to check weather status and make necessary arrangements to stay there like Blankets, Scarfs etc..

5) Arrange tickets to and fro to avoid tension and planned programe.

6) Prepare emergency medicinal kit with you to use for general problems (vomtings, motions, headache, sugar, Bp Etc

7) Choose weather supportive dresses only and dont choose heavy weight ones.

8) Simple jewellery is always safe while travelling

9) Formals are best while travelling10) water bottles must and don’t prefer water bottles in stations.

Have a plesant n safe journey..