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Latest Anklets


Anklets, quite obviously are worn around the ankle and have a much longer history than one would ordinarily guess.

They have only become popular as adornment in the United States in a casual or formalsetting in the late 20th century, while their history in South Asia (in particular India) dates back many centuries.


In Europe too, anklets have been found that date back to the Bronze Age and related to the Tumulus culture. In the distant past women often wore anklets to denote their marriage staus or a tribal adherence.

In the Middle East sometimes anklets were connected together to produce a shorter gait, which was considered more feminine.

ank12 ank4

Their latter day popularity found a brief boom in the 1950s, followed by another more widespread post-hippy boho boom in the 1970s and, as fashion cycles go in 20 year turns, there was a smaller boom in the 90s and we are due for one today.anklets are a great accessory for the beach or a picnic, in fact any outdoor activity during theSpring/Summer months where you plan on showing off those ankles can be spiced up with the addition of an Anklet.

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The most common kinds are made of Silver or Gold and often have small trinkets attached. Of course more affordable versions exist, with leather, nylon or beaded variations being common.The anklet look is at once bohemian and youthful. Try pairing a beaded one for a casual hippy look or go glam by pairing a luxurious gold number with your favorite heels during a night out.

ank6   ank3

Think of an anklet as a secret trick to add something special and not just a bracelet for your ankle. Watch out, though, apparently the wearing of certain kinds of anklets is a sign of participation in certain “swinger” subcultures… so don’t get mistaken for one of those!


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