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Green sketch for Gardening



Friends today we are going to discuss how to select the plants that suits to your Sweet Home.



So many shows interests towards Gardening but thing is they don’t get any idea to start their garden step. So for those we are here to guide them upto our level best. So first try to know about  the free space around your Home.

Choose Tree/ Shrubs that looks good and runs though the year but not seasonal. By this your garden will always looks colourfull. Choose the plants in that way  as they occupy less space which is very opt to any home. So to choose best plants you have to move to NURSERY..If you want trees or simply Lawn??? So decide from all aspects.

Check your Free space..Is it small or very small or medium or large? By this only you can decide and select a plant in Nursery.


Before going to Nursery try to plan about your free space which is most important . Make a list of plants you need and list that you don’t need also. in a tree: height, width, form, bark texture and color, fruit or berries, flowers, when the tree drops its leaves and over what period of time, seasonal color and interest, disease problems, suitability to your climate, how much shade it will create when mature, pruning needs, as well as sun, soil, and water needs

So  now take pen and paper and make a list of suitable plants which you can choose from Nursery.



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