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Smile …. a perfect one which shows ur mood of Heart.

Whatever the situation is… Whatever the problem is….. Whatever your stress is….. Just keep Smile once.. It throws ur problems away..

1) Your first job after wake-up from bed is to smile before Mirror.

2) Don’t be moody or don’t spend alone when you are in a problem.

3) Just spend with nature to get instant relief / relaxation

4) Smile in serious situations can overcome many problems

5) smile avoids many problems.

6) Smile with your enemies can change their attitude

7) If you are not able to control your anger just smile once and see the results

8) Don’t loose your words while you are in anger mode just smile towards them or simply smile in urselves and come out of that situation.

9) Wish a person with your cute Smile

0) Create a homely atmosphere in your house while others are in disturbed position just with SMILE