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What IS Positive Thinking?  Well, there is a misperception that Positive Thinking  involves the CONTROL of our thoughts.  This is not exactly true.  Thoughts are endless and at times, merciless.  What we can control is what thoughts WE PAY ATTENTION TO and HOW WE REACT to our THOUGHTS.  Positive Thinking is NOT about trying to control WHICH thoughts we HAVE.  It is not just about saying positive things over and over in the hopes you will convince yourself you are nice, patient, thin, smart, etc.

Try to teach Positive Thinking attitude in your child.

If your problem is How to teach then here are the tips..

Try to know their attitude frist whethere they r positive thinkers or negative ones.

Then plan if they are negative ones

Don’t teach them like a lesson always

Just observe them in your way and know their feelings from their words

Then start your job…

Keep some wallposters on positive thinking  in house or their doors

Generally experts says that keeping a positive thinking poster in bathroom will benefit alooooooot. You also can try this. Because no one is ready to accept their negativity so they don’t watch these posters in openly and freely so in bathroom  they can spend as much time as they can and no one will see them.

Try to talk positively before them

Try to talk the disadvantages about negative thinking to other family members in their presence.

Try to make a look on their friends. Friends impact will be there on us .

Praise them if they do good .

Don’t hesitate to teach their mistake don’t drag also.

Send them to some meditation classes for some time

Send them to good counsellor so that they can talk openly with them and can relieve from many doubts.

Try to spend with them and make them to spend with family and siblings so that they can be easily move towards positive way..

For more guidelines on kids pls follow us…

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