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True Friends are Rare Keep them with care
Don’t miss the Moon by counting the stars.
Know the value of your friend before they leaves your world.
When whole world goes out  your friend steps in your life.
So many proverbs quotations sentences statements on friends..
But how many of you are giving perfect value to your dear friends?
First try to answer yourself that… Who is your Best Friend?
Don’t try to call all as friends..
Word FRIENDS means alooooooooooot we cant express neither in words nor in sentences It is a always a silent music between 2 hearts which cant be heard by others
So try to touch your friend’s heart always and erase your negatives towards that person.
Try to maintain your friendship for a life time
If you like to end any friendship pls try to be open towards your friend and reveal the reason for your decision and walk out . don’t be silent always.
If you like to get back your friend then also try to talk with your frined openly and offer your friendship again with more trust. Don’t depend on other person or 3rd person.
Try to erase problems as soon as possible.
No relation cant withstand on yet to breakup  bridge. Remember that
Try to make your friend close to your family also and make them a part of your family It can gives your relation more stronger if you both are opposite genders.
Friendhsip cards, gifts, poetry, discussions, arguments, supportiveness, silence everything is a part of it..
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