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Friends today we are going to talk about Black and white colour combination in case of Curtains.. Curtains are of many varieties now.. so many designs but whatever you say B&W combination is every best for any place.

Some people like pure white curtains in house or in office. Ofcourse they always the best but  we cant say surely about its maintenance . It is very complicated colour .But it has its own beauty. So for those people we suggest that they can use it in their Bedrooms rather than in Kitchen or drawing room or in kids room.That too they have to  keep them for short period to save that colour n texture too.

We can purchase our fav B&W curtains or If you are ready to spend some time then you can decorate your Sweet home with purely Handmade curtains..

R u Ready????

Then lets start our Curtain work today..

Requirements :

Door Measurements

Black or white cloth as per measurements

Kundans- opposite colour( if your curtain cloth is white then take black kundans if your curtain is black then take white kundan…)

Fabric glue

Lace- opposite colour

Lace colour Thread.

Bells- small size silver colour

Take that measured curtain  and spread on floor. ( Make sure that edges of curtain is folded to allow the curtain rod )

Now take Lace and start knitting that Lace to Curtain on  4 sides if not on top and Bottom only. It is purely your choice.

If you are not able to knit then simply stick that lace with glue.

Then give some time to cloth to dry up normally.

Take a pencil and mark some dots where you would like to stick kundans.

Then take kundans or chips and start sticking them on specified dots.

Don’t use more glue .

Let it allow to dry for some time…

Finally knit the bells on top of curtain on the lace keeping some gap between them and leave it for sometime to dry.

CONGRATS>>>> Your Favourite Curtain is Ready to decorate your sweet home.

Don’t  wash this in washing machine.

Don’t use Brush to clean

Don’t use heavy detergents to clean

Don’t shade in sun.

If possible use black curtain and white curtains+ White lace. It looks gorgeous and stain resistant also.

In this way you can keep your house more n more beautiful with your handmade Works.

So friends… here we are presenting more models to you so that you can sharpen your creativity in many ways.

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