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We presents you different types of foods which can prepare in very easy , simple method and in short time. You can enjoy our taste by preparing in your favourite kitchens.


Sweet ….. ooooohhhhhh superrrrrr thought itself makes us to eat right now itself…


Kajuu burfi….

Badammm cake,,..

Mysore pakkkkkk what not…. Every sweet  will touch our heart with lots of smiles right?

In this article you can find many sweet dishes which can prepare easily in your sweet home.


Evening …Rainy time…

Tongue likes to taste some Pakoda…. Chips.. that to Hoooot hoot onessss

Tasty chat, home made snacks…. In boxes will surely makes us to  change our mind.

In this article you can have many types of hots ,snacks  .



North Indian Dish but very familiar in all places a change in food with  combination of Raita or Juice gives double delicious taste.

PAalat Paratha..

Carrot paratha

Aloo stuffed ones

Capsicum paratha… many more n more are eagerly waiting for you Rice Items…

Jeera Rice..

Kaju Rice..

Tomato rice…

Pakoda Rice

Paneer Rice….

Many more n more… are getting ready to meet you with all their delicious tastes.. so get ready to prepare them by our help …


Grape Juice..

Carrot juice

Strawberry and almond mix

Dry fruit juice…

supppppppppper taste with icecubes so ready to prepare it by our simple instructions okkkk

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